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Policies Governing Solicitation on UGA Campus

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Auxiliary Services Policies

Definition: For the purposes of this policy, solicitation is broadly defined as any and all activity conducted on campus by an individual, group, or organization seeking to solicit funds, promote trade, or encourage the acceptance of ideas by persuasion, petition, entreaty, or formal application.

Regents' Policy: "Institutions of the University System shall not permit the operation of privately operated business enterprises on their campuses, except as otherwise provided by contract. All business enterprises operated on a campus or institution of the University System shall be operated as auxiliary enterprises and shall be under the direct management, control and supervision of the chief business officer of the institution."

Business Enterprise: As it pertains to business operations on the University of Georgia campus, "business enterprise" is defined as any undertaking of any individual or group which encompasses activities associated with the production, sale, or distribution of products and services. The sale and distribution of products and services includes solicitation by way of direct selling or indirect selling through the use of posters, flyers, handouts, or other promotional literature.

Fund raising projects approved by the Director of Campus Life to be conducted by registered University of Georgia student organizations are subject to this policy only when the project involves the sale or distribution of a commercially prepared product or service, or a product or service which may be available through an existing University-operated service, or through a University contract with a commercial vendor.


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