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    HB 1113
    HB1113 becomes effective July 1, 2008. This House Bill addresses personal benefit through multiple resources or methods and outlines significant criminal penalties. The bill also includes a number of specific requirements with respect to purchasing cards or P-Cards and outlines P-Card misuse that may result in civil and/or criminal penalties. For further information go to:

    New P-Card Manual and Forms
    UGA will be implementing new P-Card policies and procedures on July 1, 2008 as a result of House Bill 1113, and revised Board of Regents and DOAS State Purchasing policies. The new manual and forms will be available at:

    Current P-Card Role Assignment
    A Current P-Card Role Assignment Form will need to be completed for all existing cardholders. This form will identify who will assume the mandatory roles in the p-card environment and who will perform certain mandatory functions. These forms will be issued to the senior business manager for each department. Instructions and an example of a completed Current P-Card Role Assignment Form can be found at the following link:

    OPEN FORUMS – Archived Presentation
    Two open forum sessions were held in June. The purpose of these forums was to communicate changes to cardholders and other individuals performing functions within the P-Card environment. In order to provide access to the forums for personnel at locations other than Athens and to provide access beyond the seating limitations of these rooms, the forums were also conducted using WIMBA Live Classroom.
    For those individuals who were unable to attend one of the open forums in person or via the internet, one of the forums was archived and is now available for reference. UGA personnel may via this archived presentation via the internet. Instructions for internet logon are available at:
    Additional forum dates will be arranged and information provided to campus.

    P-Card PowerPoint Presentation
    In order to assist your departments in understanding the new policy and procedure, a PowerPoint presentation that was provided to all colleges and major units is available at:


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