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Service Alerts:

  • Summer Service is now operating. Weekend and Overnight services are not provided during this time. All other services are operating at normal or reduced levels.
  • Campus Transit is now hiring for student operator positions. Click here to learn more and apply online.

New to UGA? Been here a while but not quite sure how to use the transit system? Then... an audio slideshow about the first day of fall semester classes with Campus Transit created by the University's Public Affairs Department:

Bulldogs in transit

The Campus Transit System is a unit of the Auxiliary Services Department providing transportation services throughout the University campus. Bus and disabled transportation services are provided on a no-fare basis. Regular route services provided by Campus Transit are available to all. Through an agreement between the University and the Athens-Clarke government, students, staff and faculty may also ride Athens Transit buses fare-free.

Transit Survey now available!

We'd like to know how we may improve our service to you. We've developed a survey to give you an opportunity to provide us with constructive feedback. Click here to go to the Survey page.

Did you know that UGA Transit started operating in 1966? How about the fare students once had to pay? Learn a little about the history of the transit system at the University of Georgia by clicking here.

Your Safety Is Our Main Concern!

University of Georgia bus drivers take pride in their ability to prevent many accidents each day, thus making Campus Transit one of the safest systems in the nation. You can help prevent injury by following these safety tips:

  • Stay back from the curb until the bus comes to a complete stop.
  • Cross the street behind the bus. This helps you to see, and be seen by other motorists.
  • Do not walk between two stopped buses. The buses sometimes roll back slightly when the brakes are released.
  • When driving another vehicle, do not pass a stopped bus unless you are in a passing zone.
  • If you ride a bicycle, skateboard, or roller blades, don't hang on to the rear of the bus or follow too closely. The bus may stop unexpectedly.

Your driver is a fully-trained, professional bus operator. For your safety and that of others, thank you for observing the following:

  • Be ready to get on or off the bus when it stops. Drivers are instructed not to open the doors again once they begin to re-enter traffic.
  • Drivers are instructed to load and unload at bus stops only.
  • If standing, please move to the center of the bus. Drivers are instructed not to move the bus with people standing in unsafe locations on the bus.
  • To prevent injury to yourself or others, if you are traveling with a stroller or other wheeled device, be sure to lock the wheels or maintain control of your property while the bus is in motion.
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