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Finance and Administration
2014 Merit Awards

Congratulations to the 2014 Finance and Administration Merit Award finalists, who will be honored at the Ninth Annual Finance and Administration Staff Recognition Ceremony on May 14, 2014. The winner in each category will be announced at that event, and all Finance and Administration employees are invited to attend.

The four finalists for each award are listed in alphabetical order below.

Customer Service
Awarded to a Finance and Administration employee who is an example to others, providing continual outstanding service to our customers—coworkers, supervisors, students, faculty, staff or the public. This employee goes above and beyond the call of duty to meet customers' needs.

Neal Evans, Parking Services, AS
Nelson Harris, Support Services, FMD
AWARD RECIPIENT! Trudy Lane, Snelling Dining Commons, AS
Denver Porterfield, Human Resources

Awarded to a Finance and Administration employee who, despite lack of time on the job, has significantly contributed to the organizational mission and shown outstanding initiative, reliability and dedication to the University. (Nominees must have less than two years of continuous service with UGA.)

Joshua Brinker, Campus Transit, AS
Wiley McLane, Safety and Training, FMD
Virginia Mercery, Snelling Dining Commons, AS
AWARD RECIPIENT! Courtney Odum, University Golf Course, AS

Tough Dawg
Awarded to a Finance and Administration employee who has endured extraordinarily difficult workplace circumstances (overcoming obstacles or challenges) with grace, good humor, patience and exemplary job performance.

Julie Burt, Grounds Department, FMD
AWARD RECIPIENT! Kim Firman, UGA Police Department
Deborah Smart, Parking Services, AS
Mike Volk, Parking Services, AS

Unsung Hero
Awarded to a Finance and Administration employee who works hard and does the job well, but seldom, if ever, is recognized publicly for his or her work. This person is continually both a real benefit to coworkers and a stable, dependable resource for Finance and Administration as a whole.

AWARD RECIPIENT! Anthony Brown, Parking Services, AS
Debbie Christopher, Payroll Department, UBAS
Lisa Price-Johnson, Operations and Maintenance, FMD
Lindsey Van Note, Human Resources

Division Key

AS Auxiliary Services


Budget Division


Environmental Safety Division


Facilities Management Division


Human Resources


Office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration


Office of the University Architects for Facilities Planning


University Business and Accounting Services Division

Merit awards for Finance and Administration employees were introduced at the 2007 Recognition Ceremony and, since that time, 112 employees have been recognized as finalists or winners in one of four categories: Customer Service, Newcomer, Tough Dawg and Unsung Hero.

Merit awards are designed to encourage outstanding performance; reward excellence in staff achievements; and foster staff development by recognizing exceptional workplace creativity, innovation and sustained excellence in support of University business and administrative functions. The merit award program is a peer-driven process in which Finance and Administration employees nominate co-workers who excel at their jobs.

All employees who receive a nomination will be invited to a breakfast with the Vice President for Finance and Administration, the senior staff of Finance and Administration and their fellow nominees. Nominees will receive a personal invitation in May for the breakfast that has been scheduled for June 17 at the Special Collections Library.

Employees must work in a unit of Finance and Administration, the major divisions of which are listed below. (For a complete listing of Finance and Administration units, click here or contact any F&A Recognition Committee member.)

Auxiliary Services
Budget Division
Facilities Management Division
Environmental Safety Division
Human Resources Division
Office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration
Physical Plant Division
University Architects
University Business and Accounting Services Division

Employees must be actively employed, benefit-eligible and have a minimum of two years of UGA service (with the exception of the Newcomer Award). Nominees for the Newcomer Award must have less than two years of service by the nomination deadline of March 28, 2014. Employees in contract positions (e.g., Finance and Administration senior staff) are not eligible. To be considered for an award, a nomination form must be submitted. Self-nominations are not accepted. Nominators cannot nominate more than one employee per award. A staff member may be nominated multiple times by different persons; however, each nomination should be unique and should not be merely a duplication of a previous nomination. Employees cannot receive an award in more than one category in the same year nor can they be a repeat winner in a category. Click here for a list of last year’s winners. No member of the Recognition Committee is eligible to receive an award during his/her year of committee service. Please note: the Employee Recognition Program is not related to the performance evaluation process nor to employee salary increases.

Nominations are reviewed and recipients are selected by the Finance and Administration Recognition Committee, a peer group of employees appointed by the Finance and Administration associate vice presidents with at least one representative from each of the Finance and Administration divisions. Finalists for the merit awards are advised of their nomination and category two weeks prior to the award ceremony, and award winners are announced at the May ceremony. Questions about the program may be directed to any member of the F&A Recognition Committee:

Kim Eberhart
Director, Benefits Accounting
Human Resources

Auxiliary Services
Wendy Glenn, Parking Services

Sandi Behr, Food Services
Budget Division
Darlene Bradley

Environmental Safety Division
Todd MIller

Facilities Management Division
Katrina Pittman, HR

Mandy Brogdon, Grounds Department
Human Resources Division
Adrianna Creech

Office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration
Amy Andrews
University Architects
Greg Gotsch

University Business and Accounting Services
Matthew Hardigree
University Police Department
Jason Davis


The University of Georgia
VP for Finance & Administration
Administration Building
Athens, GA 30602-1671
706-542-1361 (phone) | 706-542-3339 (fax)

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