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Campus Mail is located at:
240A Riverbend Road
Phone: 706-542-5286

Operation Hours:
7:30a.m. to 4:30p.m.
Monday - Friday

Richard L Miller,
Mail Processing and Delivery

Susan Baxter,
Bulk Mail


Auxiliary & Administration Serv
Finance & Administration

(Campus Mail, Outgoing U.S. Mail, Residence Hall Address)

Addressing Campus Mail

All mail must contain a department name and the building in which the department is located. Mail addressed only to a room or a building or to "occupant", "resident", or similar titles will be returned to the sender. Campus mail return addresses should include the sender's name and department in the event mail has to be returned.

Campus wide official University of Georgia administrative directives or bulletins for the dissemination of information related to policies and procedures necessary to conduct the day-to-day operation of the University of Georgia falls into two categories. One category is for general distribution throughout campus. The second category is pre-labeled and is intended for specific individuals. These must also contain a department name and the building in which the department is located. They must also be sorted and bundled by department. The name of the sender, organization and telephone number must be provided for all campus wide distributions. For information about the distribution of such communications, contact the Campus Mail Delivery Unit at 706-542-5286.

Addressing Outgoing U.S. Mail

All outgoing U.S. mail to be stamped must include a complete mailing address and a complete University of Georgia return address. An example of the "perfect" address as required by U.S. Postal Service follows:

500 E MAIN ST RM 222
LA GRANGE KY 40031-1214

Appearances are important. Addresses should be:

Machine printed or typewritten (no script)
ALL CAPS (preferably)
Uniformly aligned on the left margin
Without punctuation, i.e., periods, commas (use one or two spaces) i
In black ink on a white background (preferably)
Clear and sharp without touching or overlapping characters
Clearly visible in window envelopes, even when the inserts shifts
Parallel to the bottom edge of the envelope--not slanted
Without postal barcodes that are available on some computers

Address content is important, too. These tips will help mail get where it's going faster:

Always address mail as shown above
Include FLOOR, SUITE and APARTMENT NUMBERS when possible, and DIRECTIONALS such as North (N), East (E), etc.
ZIP Code or ZIP+4 codes may stand alone on the bottom line if there is not enough room on the City and State line

Residence Hall Address

When sending something via UPS or Fed Ex to a residence hall, you must put the actual street address on the package or parcel. When sending something via USPS to a residence hall, you can use the name of the residence hall, the street address is not necessary. The Zip code for all the residence halls is 30609.


John Doe
Name of Residence Hall
Room #
Street Address of Hall
Athens, Georgia 30609

Residence Hall street addresses:
Boggs 900 S. Lumpkin St.
Brumby 615 Baxter St.
Church 880 S. Lumpkin St.
Creswell 415 Baxter St.
ECV (McWhorter Hall) 355 River Rd.
ECV (Bldg 1512) 365 River Rd.
ECV (Bldg 1516)   395 River Road
ECV (Vandiver Hall) 375 River Rd.
ECV (Rooker Hall) 385 River Rd.
Hill 810 S. Lumpkin St.
Lipscomb 205 Baxter St.
Mary Lyndon 310 Sanford Dr.
Mell 215 Baxter St.
Morris 390 Lumpkin St.
Myers 1055 S. Lumpkin St.
Oglethorpe 998 S. Lumpkins St.
Payne 101 Hooper St.
Reed 105 Hooper St.
Russell 515 Baxter St.
Rutherford 305 Cedar St.
Soule 315 Sanford Dr.


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